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‘Seawards’ White Fox Gallery, Coldstream


White Fox Gallery, Coldstream

This summer the White Fox Gallery are paying homage to their long held love of the sea.

Belinda Glennon

This lovely exhibtion opens at the begining of July and runs until 31st August.

For this I have made some new ‘Open Seapods’. They are made in a similar way to my usual Seapods but are left open instead of enclosed. This allows me to add a contrasting glaze to the interior of the pod. The smaller pieces where glazed grey, with some white and volcanic glaze with contrasting turquoise inside. The grey/turquoise combination reminds me of the grey rocks along the Harris coastline and the flashes of theĀ  deep blue sea. The largest piece was glazed with some turquoise and other glazes between the grey gills, again echoing the contrasts around the coast. All the pieces have individually hand sculpted porcelain barnacles.

See link below for more details about the other artists involved…


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