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Banacle Boxes

These containers vary in size from tiny to quite large. I really enjoy making these as I am an avid collector of found items, shells, sea glass, pottery shards etc… I made these with with those collections in mind. As a place to keep them. They shapes are inspired by shells and pebbles with barnacles added to the larger boxes.

Making Process
  • These boxes are thrown on the wheel as one enclosed form.
  • When ‘leatherhard’ the lids are cut off, again, on the wheel and the rest of the box is finished and trimmed.
  • At this stage the porcelain barnacles are added. Each individually sculpted by hand.
  • The box will then be left to dry completely before bisc firing.
  • The box then needs to be sanded to smooth out any sharp bits, liquid wax is painted onto the base, areas where glaze would touch and the barnacles so the glaze doesn’t cover them.
  • Glaze applied then final firing to 1290°C . Cooling and then a final sand and grinding down of the volcanic areas.
Place an order?

Ceramics can take 4-6 weeks to make and are made to order. Contact Belinda if you would like to order a Barnacle Box.

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Could you please let me have a barnacle box price list? I love them all but especially the tiny one held in the palm of your hand.

Regards lynne

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