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Seapods have become my signature pieces. I first made them for my degree show. They are a synthesis of inspiration from the Isle of Harris. The movement of the sea, textures of rocks and sea foam and the barnacles to me reference the passage of time and change.

The Making Process
  • Once the clay is prepared, the base is thrown on the wheel as an enclosed form
  • When the base is ‘leatherhard’ I will add the’gills’. These are attached and pinched out using a mix of two clays. This is the best combination I have found after many cracks and much experimenting!
  • I will then individually sculpt the porcelain barnacles to the Seapod
  • The piece will then be completely wrapped for 24 hours, then slowly unwrapped over a couple more days to allow the clay to really slowly to avoid cracks
  • When bone dry, this can take weeks depending on the size, it will be bisc fired, then wax is painted onto the barnacles so they do not get any glaze on them
  • Glazing is individual to each piece. I layer 8 to 10 glazes on each piece by pouring, sponging and brushing
  • After glazing to 1290 degrees C I will grind down the volcanic areas of glaze, wash the Seapod and it will be finished!
Place an order?

Ceramics can take 4-6 weeks to make and are made to order. Contact Belinda if you would like to order a Seapod.

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