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Soap Dishes

Banacle Boxes

I intially designed these for our own home and for gifts due to the desire to cut down my own plastic consumption, moving back to soap bars. These soap dishes have proved very popular so I have continued to make them. The swirl in the middle as well as being reminiscent of a wave, also provides a raised surface for the soap to sit on so it can stay drier.

Making Process


  • The prepared clay is weighed and then I throw on the wheel, making the swirl at the end
  • When the dish is ‘leather hard’ I will turn it, trim and finish the base
  • Next I add the lace textured feet, although these are very small and the texture not that noticable I like to pay attention to details!
  • The soap dish now has to dry out completely ready to bisc fire to 990 degrees C
  • When cooled the dish is glazed with 2 -3 glazes and I put ground glass into the swirl to make a glassy, liquidy finish. the glass will draw colour from the oxides in the glaze.
  • Final firing to 1290 degrees C, cooling, sanding the feet and the piece is finished

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