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‘Tidelines’ is a glaze combination that is reminiscent of foaming waves across the sand.

  Making Process
  • this glaze combination is used on various pieces little jugs,bowls and it is especially striking on the Carafe and Cup set
  • Carafe and Cup set is thrown on the wheel
  • turned, dried and fired as decribed above
  • the speckled iron spangle glaze is very time consuming to mix to a smooth consistency as the spangles settle at the bottom, it sometimes can take up to half and hour to get it to a usable consistency!
  • a volcanic glaze is used to achieve the bubbling, foamy effect
  • after the glaze firing the volcanic glaze has to be ground down to reveal the bubbles
Place an order?

Ceramics can take 4-6 weeks to make and are made to order. Contact Belinda if you would like to order Tidelines pieces.

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Hello Belinda

I love your work. It is very beautiful.

I was thinking of ordering a few pieces and was wondering about the prices. I am thinking of either tidelines and/or the pods. Likely 3 – 5 pieces.

Could you please let me know what the prices are and whether they might be ready before Christmas? I live in Canada and am hoping you might ship there.


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