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The End of the Year

So the end of the year draws in.

Time for a little reflection and looking head.

To be honest it has been a tough year for me personally although I have felt my ceramics have given me a focus and have moved forwards.  I look forward to next year and the new ventures it will hold.

My main focus in 2019 was to get a new kiln, which I have installed and working like a dream. This is enabling me to have more confidence in the reliability of getting firings done without the stress of wondering if the kiln will reach temperature. I am still getting used to it but am so glad I have invested in quality equipment.

I have also been enjoying using my second wheel and teaching more. This has been really interesting and has given me a great insight into how much my throwing has progressed and how to teach the skills to beginners. More workshops and courses will be coming through the new year


VACMA – Visual artist and craft maker award

Seapod Close Up

I am really excited to have recieved a VACMA award which will enable me to deepen my understanding of glazing and help me to focus on my glaze techniques with more control. I have new ideas brewing of how a new body work can be used as a canvas for these glazes… more to come on this soon.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020!

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I am heading up to Harris in the morning for a week off with my lovely family to relax, enjoy being away, celebrate the festive time and disconnected for technology for a few days! I’ll be back in January refreshed and looking forward to 2020!

Wishing you and yours peace and happiness for the new year xxx Belinda

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