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little Jugs

I love making these little jugs. They can be used as milk jugs, water for whisky jugs or even a posy vase. I vary the glazing but tend to usually do sea blues and sometimes glaze with the Tidelines combination

      Making process
  • These jugs are simply thrown on the wheel
  • I weigh the clay but do not measure the dimension as I like them all to be individual
  • Once thrown and dried to be ‘leatherhard’ I will turn them, trimming the bases
  • When bone dry they are bisc fired
  • Then when cooled glazed with a combination of glazes
  • Glaze fired to 1290 degrees C , bottoms sanded and they are finished
Place an order?

Ceramics can take 4-6 weeks to make and are made to order. Contact Belinda if you would like to make an order.

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